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Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017

People don’t get enough sleep because of many reasons. First, they may be too busy at work or school. Second, they may be too engaged in recreational activities. Third, they may not see the real value of sleep that much so they intentionally deprive themselves of it.

The first and second are at least understandable reasons, but the third one is just reckless and negligent. But at the end of the day, your reason doesn’t matter, because a lack of sleep will surely have negative effects.

Poor Cognitive Abilities

Sleep rejuvenises your brain, so not getting enough sleep also means that your brain is not rejuvenated enough from the toll it has sustained from day to day activities. This may translate to poorer mental capabilities, including alertness, comprehension, concentration, memorization, and reaction time.

This may affect a person’s productivity, particularly at work or in school. It can even put them at risk of accidents, like when they are driving and their sleep deprivation is preventing them from comprehending road stimulus.

Emotional and Psychological Problems

Lack of sleep is also directly linked to emotional and psychological issues, including depression, increased irritability, and disinterest to activities like exercise, proper eating, sex, and sports, because sleepiness is getting in the way.

In turn, these problems may result into bodily problems, like the lack of physical activity may result into obesity, and the inability to eat right may result into diabetes and heart diseases.

Medical Conditions

The emotional and psychological problems are not just the ones that can lead to medical conditions. Sleep deprivation itself can result into bodily complications, especially if the person already has a sleeping disorder like insomnia. For example, according to the website of Silent Night Therapy, sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea may result into headaches, high blood pressure, and even stroke.

Imagine the hospital bills, treatment costs, and lost time for productivity that have resulted just from the lack of sleep, something that can easily be prevented. So, the next time you deprive yourself from sleep because of working too much, getting too engaged with recreational stuff, or just because you want to stay up late, think again.

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